Kartini Foundation

Grant Criteria

Many health insurance companies cover only a percentage of the costs to treat a child with an Eating Disorder. In general, insurance coverage for Eating Disorders is profoundly inadequate.

The Foundation welcomes all families undergoing treatment at Kartini Clinic to apply for financial assistance. The Foundation will only consider one grant request per family in a twelve month period.

The Foundation will only consider a grant for those who have:

Financial assistance will not be provided for:

At this time, the Foundation grant will only assist in treatment at Kartini Clinic.

Apply for a Grant

The Foundation is currently accepting applications for grants for treatment of eating disorders in children and adolescents.

Applications for grants must be submitted on a Foundation Application Form.

All application forms must be submitted online or by printing a paper copy and emailing a scan of the completed form to help@kartinifoundation.org. Unfortunately we are not able to accept applications or substantiating documentation via regular mail.

Grants are limited by the resources the Foundation has on hand. Requests are reviewed promptly throughout the year.